About DGT Survey Group

DGT Survey Group is a professional land surveying company that specializes in complex construction projects with little margin for error.

With offices in Boston and Providence, DGT provides surveying services for construction managers, developers, civil engineers, institutions, architects, and attorneys. We have the expertise and resources to support your project at every phase — from boundary and existing conditions surveys to construction layout and as-builts.

At DGT Survey, we deliver accuracy and experience you can build on. Our seasoned crews are veteran field engineers who pride themselves on showing up early, getting their hands dirty, and capturing data based on precise measurement and geometry. DGT Survey crews are fully-equipped with advanced time-saving spatial technologies, including 3D laser scanning, survey grade GPS receivers, electronic total stations, and digital levels. DGT Survey also offers comprehensive GIS/Mapping and CAD support services for clients who require project data delivered in standard or custom formats.

For more information on how our veteran field crews and advanced technology can support your next project, call Mike Clifford at
617-275-0541 x1405 or email mclifford@dgtsurvey.com.